Everyone should use Cardpool.com!

I love Cardpool.com! I have found there is no risk to using this site and it has the ability to save me money on almost every place I shop, as well as make me some money on unused gift cards that have been sitting in my junk drawer for months – sometimes years!

What is Cardpool.com

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Get $5 off your first gift card purchase!

Cardpool.com allows people that are on the site to do three distinct things.

  1. Buy gift cards from most major businesses and restaurants all over the United States at a discount.
  2. Sell gift cards online that you don’t want or need.  You know, those gift cards you find when you are cleaning out your purse or drawers (I even found a couple in my car).  The cards will need to have numbers on the back and an unlimited expiration date.
  3. Trade one type of card for another.  For example, Amazon will trade Sony Store or Sony Style cards for Amazon credit through carpool.com’s gift card exchange program.

All you have to do is follow the simple directions on the site.

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4 Months with Wealthy Affiliate

I have to admit that I have not been as motivated as I need to be in order to succeed on my Wealthy Affiliate Journey.  Although I slowly continue through the WA training, I believe I have only written one post in that time.  Each lesson within the training has a checklist of what you should be doing at the end of the lesson and this generally includes writing another post. Unfortunately,  I have not been completing my writing assignments before going on to the next lesson.  Therefore, my website is severely neglected.

New Thoughts on Wealthy Affiliate

OveralI, I am still happy with my experience as a member of Wealthy Affiliate. Anything I need to know about affiliate marketing, can be found at Wealthy Affiliate.  I am able to discover the answer to most any question I may have by posting it to the community.  Many members are very helpful and happy to respond to questions.  I have, however, noticed that some of the lessons need to be updated.  For example, one of the lessons was about adding video to your website and using Youtube. I’m not sure when the lesson was added, but much has changed with Youtube since it was posted so it wasn’t as helpful as it could have been.  I have come across a few lessons that should be redone.  I’m hoping the owners of the site will go through and fix the ones that need updating.

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Anyone Can Make Money on Ebay

If you have read my About Me page, you know that I have been trying to earn money to help support my efforts to pay for the care necessary to keep my mother in her home.  One of the first things I did was start selling items on Ebay

I’m sure almost everyone has heard about Ebay, but most people have only purchased items through the site.  This was also my first introduction to Ebay years ago.  Since then I have purchased several additional items through the site with all positive experiences, so I thought I give selling a try.

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ShopAtHome Review

Shop At Home Review

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 12.39.59 AM

Product Name: ShopAtHome

Cost: Free

Mobile App/Website: ShopAtHome.com

Owners: Belcaro Group, Denver, CO

Rating: A

Recommend: Yes! Love it!

If you are like me and tried using the ShopAtHome cashback site in the past but changed your mind because it was too complicated/confusing, slowed down your computer, or bombarded your inbox with unwanted mail, I suggest you give it another chance. Things have changed – at least for me! I am not sure if it is because I have a new computer and more experience shopping online or if ShopAtHome has worked on improving its user experience. My guess is it is a little of both.

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10 Weeks with Wealthy Affiliate

Happy New Year!

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 8.41.21 PMAfter a couple weeks of vacation, I am just starting back with my training here at Wealthy Affiliate.  The most recent lesson was about the importance of images in your posts and organizing your website.  I really do need to work on this to create a more welcoming/accessible website.  I am a little apprehensive about changing things because I’m afraid I may lose all my work in the process.

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Review of Ibotta Savings App

Ibotta Reviews

Product: Ibotta Mobile App (register with my code – wxjqfhc – and recieve $10)

Cost: Free

Recommend: Yes, always fun to get money back

What is Ibotta?

While many savings apps (Shopkick for example) reward shoppers with points that accumulate to equate a specific cash value, Ibotta is an app that actually gives real cash for shopping.

Ibotta started in late 2012 and has garnered over 3 million users since its inception. It is a mobile app IMG_5060that serves as a shopping companion that helps consumers save money on many brands and items that are considered typical purchases. Ibotta assigns and gives cash rewards to specific items that are unlocked and bought at specific stores. It utilizes a very user-friendly mobile interface that makes it fun and easy to plan a shopping trip. Ibotta categorizes everything from the type of product consumers wish to look at to specific store names they want to shop at.

How to Use Ibotta: Typical Use

Ibotta is very simple to use. It takes but a few steps to get going towards saving money. The very first thing an interested customer should do is to download the mobile app. Next, you need to open up an Ibotta account. This lets Ibotta keep track of all your savings in one place and also allows you to access savings that are available in your specific area. Once you’ve opened an account and are ready to shop, you can begin to look at the categories Ibotta has already set up for you. If you want to do groceries or shop for clothing, simply click on it on your mobile app. You’ll then see what stores have savings available in your area. There are many different stores, big or small, that works with Ibotta.

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Week 6…Some Traffic!!

Some Traffic…

And by some traffic, I mean very little, but it is still so exciting to me that there are people out there visiting my website!  In the past week, according to Google Analytics, 18 people have visited my site. I estimate that half of them are members of Wealthy Affiliate that I’ve asked to look at my website for feedback, but at least 9 or more of them landed on my site through other means!

If you are wondering if I have earned any income yet, no, I haven’t.  But, I’ve paid the yearly membership fee and am committed to giving my efforts here at least a year.

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Driving For Amazon Flex

Untitled designDriving for Amazon Flex

In my continuous search of way to earn extra money, I recently came across the Amazon Flex Program. Amazon Flex is hiring independent contractors, something like Uber, to deliver same day packages in select cities. In my opinion, this money making option is more appealing than working as an Uber driver since you will not be inviting strangers into your car.

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