4 Months with Wealthy Affiliate

I have to admit that I have not been as motivated as I need to be in order to succeed on my Wealthy Affiliate Journey.  Although I slowly continue through the WA training, I believe I have only written one post in that time.  Each lesson within the training has a checklist of what you should be doing at the end of the lesson and this generally includes writing another post. Unfortunately,  I have not been completing my writing assignments before going on to the next lesson.  Therefore, my website is severely neglected.

New Thoughts on Wealthy Affiliate

OveralI, I am still happy with my experience as a member of Wealthy Affiliate. Anything I need to know about affiliate marketing, can be found at Wealthy Affiliate.  I am able to discover the answer to most any question I may have by posting it to the community.  Many members are very helpful and happy to respond to questions.  I have, however, noticed that some of the lessons need to be updated.  For example, one of the lessons was about adding video to your website and using Youtube. I’m not sure when the lesson was added, but much has changed with Youtube since it was posted so it wasn’t as helpful as it could have been.  I have come across a few lessons that should be redone.  I’m hoping the owners of the site will go through and fix the ones that need updating.

It still bothers me that Jaaxy (keyword tool not included in WA membership) is still promoted throughout the training even though WA has its own free keyword tool. They tout Jaaxy as being superior and often use it in there training even though it is not included in the Wealthy Affiliate membership.  I believe they should be using the free keyword tool offered by WA in the training. Jaaxy is expensive in my opinion ($19 or $49 month depending on the type of membership).  I do believe the WA keyword tool is adequate (if not as convenient and detailed as Jaaxy) so why keep trying to sell us on Jaaxy?

Writing, Writing, Writing

Why is there so much writing?!  I know, that’s a silly question – it should be prettying obvious that in order to have a blog, you are going to need to write. I’ve been told that writing becomes easier the more you write, but so far that has not been true for me.  Yes, I knew this going into it, but was determined to make it work, so I am not going to give up.

Shop At Home and Ebay Affiliate:

I mentioned last month that I became an affiliate of Shop At Home and Ebay.  I have used both these sites with success (everyone should join Shop At Home!) so I thought it would be a great place to start on my affiliate journey.  I have made $3.00 with Shop at Home and $0 with Ebay (you now know why I can’t afford Jaaxy…haha.    $3.00 is not great, but I do not have many visitors to my site yet – some days I have zero visitors 🙁   Shop At  Home gives $0.25 each time someone clicks on my link, so at least 12 people have visited my site.

If You Love to Write!

If you are a writer who enjoys writing (it is so hard for me to image anyone who likes writing – but I know there are many of you out there and I am very jealous of you!) then I believe your chances of success will affiliate marketing greatly increases.  I wish so badly that I was a natural writer – this journey would be much more enjoyable and easier.  With Wealthy Affiliate, you do not need any previous knowledge about starting a website or affiliate marketing, but a interest and talent in writing are a big plus.  If you are a writer, I strongly suggest trying the free starter membership if you have an interest in affiliate marketing. (Even if you are not a super talented writer (but are motivative and willing to put forth the work), it wouldn’t hurt to take a free look at what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer :))

My Plan

I am going to try to add at least one or two post a week to my website.  And I will go back to doing the lessons available at Wealthy Affiliate at least 3 or 4 times a week.

Thanks again for taking the time to read!  Any suggestions on how I can improve my writing – I’d love to hear them.  Leave a message below.

Su 🙂



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