Everyone should use Cardpool.com!

I love Cardpool.com! I have found there is no risk to using this site and it has the ability to save me money on almost every place I shop, as well as make me some money on unused gift cards that have been sitting in my junk drawer for months – sometimes years!

What is Cardpool.com

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Get $5 off your first gift card purchase!

Cardpool.com allows people that are on the site to do three distinct things.

  1. Buy gift cards from most major businesses and restaurants all over the United States at a discount.
  2. Sell gift cards online that you don’t want or need.  You know, those gift cards you find when you are cleaning out your purse or drawers (I even found a couple in my car).  The cards will need to have numbers on the back and an unlimited expiration date.
  3. Trade one type of card for another.  For example, Amazon will trade Sony Store or Sony Style cards for Amazon credit through carpool.com’s gift card exchange program.

All you have to do is follow the simple directions on the site.

Purchasing Discounted Gift Cards on Cardpool.com:


  • Spending $70 for $100 to go to Payless Shoe Source when you need new shoes (30% discount).
  • Buying $500 of Lowe’s gift cards for $455 (a 9% discount)
  • Saving 10% on your daily Dunkin’ Donuts coffee
  • Taking your family out to eat or for a treat and getting up to 24% off your check (Olive Garden 19%, California Pizza Kitchen 23%, Chipotle 7.5%, Cheesecake Factory 17%, Cold Stone Creamery 24% and many more!)

Purchasing gift cards is as simple as registering with the site, then clicking on the “Buy Gift Cards” button.  You can either type in the store name you are looking for or click on a category such as “groceries” or “restaurants”.  Many gift cards are available in electronic form – meaning they are sent to your email inbox within a day.  If it is a physical card, it could take a week (or more) for you to receive them.  There are no additional fees, no sales tax, and shipping is free.

Selling Your Unused Gift Cards on Cardpool.com:

Selling your gift cards is almost as easy as purchasing.  Simply Click on the “Sell Gift Cards” tab and type in the name of the card you have to sell.  Obviously, you will not get the full price of the card, but you will have cash you can use in place of a gift card you never intended on redeeming.   Cardpool will send you a free shipping label so you will not have to pay to mail your card to them.  Sometimes, you may be able to sell your card electronically without having to ship it.

  • The card you are selling must be worth at least $10
  • They do not accept cards with an expiration date

For sellers, all cards have specific values. For example, I traded in a $25 Dunkin’ Donuts card on Cardpool and was offered $20. The offer for a $75 Lowe’s card is $56.25.  The prices can be very generous, as well. A $100 Walmart gift card will get you $90 cash.

It really does sound almost too good to be true, but I’ve used it several times with great success!  I no longer pay full price for most of the items I purchase and I’ve been able to make a little money on gift cards I receive but do not use.  I’ll share with you what I’ve learned about the trustworthiness of my  new favorite site.

Is Cardpool Safe? 

Cardpool was purchased by a large, trusted company on the NASDAQ. They’ve received lots of praise for their procedures by CNN, NBC, ABC, The Wall Street Journal and more. They promote having a large amount of security, and high standards and integrity.

No matter if you’re sending or receiving cards, Cardpool promises to have your cards shipped or paid for within 3-7 business days, because everything is mailed through USPS first class services. As I stated, the shipping costs are completely free.

One of the things that really helps me back Cardpool is the security that I feel when purchasing cards. Many other sites on the internet warn about receiving dud cards or dealing with other sorts of scams. Cardpool has a clear-cut policy about your money, promising to pay the full amount of sale to you if the card doesn’t work.  I have purchased many gift cards and have not had any difficulty when redeeming them.

I did a considerable amount of research before deciding to trust Cardpool.com. I discovered that their policies are among the best in the industry to make sure that you get the money or value that you deserve. People have regularly reviewed the site and commented on returning the cards if they had issues, and everyone commented that payments are typically received within a week.

Yes, I Love Them, But I Do Have a Few Complaints:

  1. Some gift cards are not even worth purchasing because the discount is so low.  For example, purchasing a Costco gift card will only get you 1% discount. Buying a $100 gift card for $99, isn’t worth the effort to me.
  2. Although they say you should receive your card within a week, during their busy periods I have found that it can take up to 10 days.  I would not have a problem with this if I knew ahead of time and could plan, but when you don’t receive it when they say you will, you begin to worry that it got lost in the mail.
  3. This isn’t a complaint, but something to look out for.  When you are mailed you gift card it will be in a plain envelop and may look like junk mail. I am sure they do this as to not advertise that a gift card is enclosed and I appreciate that.  However, I almost threw the first card I received out with the junk mail without opening it.

If you are interested in trying Cardpool.com, you can receive $5.00 off your first purchase by clicking here.  I’d loved to hear what you think of my favorite site for saving money.  Please leave a comment below.


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