Hopeful Beginnings


My first few days with Wealthy Affiliate have kept me busy, overwhelmed and at times discouraged, but also hopeful.

I discovered soon after joining, that I was a member of a friendly and helpful community. I received various welcomes to the group and suggestions about how to succeed – the most frequent advice was to follow the training and ask for help when I felt “stuck”.

Following the suggestions, I clicked on the “Get Started” button and began the lessons which consisted of informative videos and tasks that related to them. I created my profile and learned the various ways to find help within the community (live chats, private messaging, comment sections in lessons, and numerous training blogs completed by the owners and experienced members). I learned that the steps to success were: 1.Choose a Niche  2.Build a Website  3.Get Rankings in Search Engines  4.Earn Money from your Traffic.

Unfortunately, I did not get very far in my initial training because I had trouble deciding on a niche for my website. I believe I was on lesson 4 when I ended up switching from the “Getting Started” lessons to “Affiliate Bootcamp” lessons. Affiliate Bootcamp is for us “boring” people who can’t decide on an interest (niche) for our websites. (Actually, it wasn’t that I couldn’t think of a niche, I had many ideas, but none really jumped out at me and I was afraid to pick the wrong one). I’ve learned my inability to make quick decisions may hamper my success here.

Affiliate Bootcamp training consists of creating a website specifically for promoting Wealthy Affiliate instead of one based on your personal interest. Therefore, your niche is picked for you – affiliate marketing/making money online themes. However, I’m not sure how I am suppose to promote WA when I have only been here a couple days.  I am happy so far, but not confident I have the familiarity needed to comfortably promote Wealthy Affiliate.

One of the first things I was instructed to do was to pick a domain name. Starter Members get 2 free websites – but they will not own the domain. I’m not sure of the significance of that yet, but for some reason, which I do not quite grasp, it is better to own your domain. I am now a Premium Member so I purchased my own domain for $10/yr. Finding a domain name that wasn’t already taken was frustrating (due to my inability to make a quick decision). I spent two days trying to come up with a creative domain that would have everyone running to my site. I finally told myself that I just had to pick something and came up with what you see here: moremoneypossibilities.com. I am not super happy with this name, but I had to stop thinking and pick one!

Although these first few days have left me somewhat confused, I am also hopeful.  I like the way the training is organized into small steps and that it was relatively easy to find help when I needed it.  I have also had the opportunity to read profiles of other members and they all seem to be happy with their WA experience.  I do get the sense that it may take a several months or more before I start generating income, but I am willing to put in the hard work to make it happen 🙂

Please leave comments or questions below.  I would love to hear from you!  Thanks for visiting!

Su 🙂

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