Shopkick Review

Product Name:  ShopkickShopkick

Mobile App: Shopkick  Website:

Cost: Free

Owners: SK Planet (South Korean based)

Rating: B

Recommend: It’s free so why not 🙂

What is Shopkick: Shopkick is a free mobile app which offers you the ability to earn points, referred to as kicks, which can be exchanged for rewards (typically in the form of gift cards, but select merchandise is also available).

There are 4 ways to earn kicks

  1. Walk-ins:  Earn kicks simply for walking into any of the many participating retail stores (ex: Target, Walmart, Macy’s, Best Buy).
  2. Scans: Earn additional kicks for scanning select items within the store.
  3. Purchases: Link a credit card to your Shopkick app, and earn kicks when used for a purchase
  4. Invite your friends: Share your link and you and your friend both earn $2 in kicks.  Use this link
    to open your Shopkick account and we both earn $2 in kicks. (You will need to enter your phone number and they will text you the link to download the app to your phone)

Each partner store decides when to award kicks and most do not offer kicks for all 3 three options.  For example, Walmart offers kicks for walk-ins and scans, but not for purchases.  Stop by Old Navy, and you will only earn kicks if you make a purchase.

Is It Worth It?

This app is not going to make you rich, but it is relatively simple to use and it’s fun to get a free gift card every month or so. It is important to remember the intent of Shopkicks – which is to get you to spend more money.  So be careful not to spend an extra $100 dollars on things you do not need in order to get a $5 or $10 gift card. My favorite way to earn kicks is through purchases – kicks for purchases are automatically transferred to your account immediately after you make the purchase with your credit card (no need to open your app or change the way you shop).  Many Shopkickers will drive to various store for the walk-in kicks and then leave.  I did this when I first got the app thinking if I wasn’t spending money at the stores, I was getting free kicks.  However, I quickly realize it was not worth my time and gas to earn approx 12 cents to walk into Target. My advice is to download Shopkick and take advantage of the app’s rewards, but do not alter your habits.  If you were already planning on stopping into a store or making a purchase, gather your walk-in kicks.   However, be sure not to let earning kicks influence your decision to make an unnecessary purchase.  In addition, navigating through the store to find items to scan is not worth the few pennies you can earn in my opinion.

Do you use the Shopkick App?  What is your experience?  Leave me a comment below and let me know.  I’d love to here from you!


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