Driving For Amazon Flex

Untitled designDriving for Amazon Flex

In my continuous search of way to earn extra money, I recently came across the Amazon Flex Program. Amazon Flex is hiring independent contractors, something like Uber, to deliver same day packages in select cities. In my opinion, this money making option is more appealing than working as an Uber driver since you will not be inviting strangers into your car.

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Week Three with Wealthy Affiliate

Week Three with Wealthy Affiliate

I wrote a specific Wealthy Affiliate Review last week (it was part of an assignment), but in reality my entire blog is, what I hope to be, a yearlong review.  At this point, I cannot even promise that it will be a positive review.  That is not to say I don’t believe WA is a well designed, helpful and ethical site.  I am convinced the owners, Kyle and Carson, are honest and genuinely want to help their members succeed (their members’ success equates to greater WA success).  Having said that, it is still possible (even with hard work and excellent training) that I will fail to earn the extra income I am hoping for. Therefore, I may be documenting my failure here – which would not reflect well on WA.

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Hopeful Beginnings


My first few days with Wealthy Affiliate have kept me busy, overwhelmed and at times discouraged, but also hopeful.

I discovered soon after joining, that I was a member of a friendly and helpful community. I received various welcomes to the group and suggestions about how to succeed – the most frequent advice was to follow the training and ask for help when I felt “stuck”.

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