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What is Poshmark?

Untitled design-2Poshmark is a fun and easy website and mobile app used to sell and buy women’s clothing and accessories. You can find/sell almost any fashion item here – from your favorite Old Navy jeans to high-end designer bags. Although members are allowed to set their own prices, many items sell for 70% off or more.

Members create a virtual closet with items from their actual closet. Poshmark asks that all items are in good or gently used condition. It may be an item that you no longer wear or something you have never worn with tags still attached. Fellow Poshers shop your closet and, if they see something they like,  can easily purchase through the app.

**Although Poshmark does have some functionality on their website, in order to take advantage of all it offers you will need to download the mobile app to your iphone, ipad, or Android phone.

How Does Poshmark Work


Download the app (use code BLIEX for $10 credit) and follow the steps to create your profile.  If you decide you are only interested in purchasing, you do not have to set up your closet – you can get directly down to the business of shopping by browsing:

  1. Showrooms: personalized based on each users interest
  2. Parties: 3 virtual parties daily  based on a theme or particular designers
  3. Your feed: closets you follow
  4. Use filters: search for a specific item

When you see something you like, you can either click the Buy Now or Offer button.  Using the Offer button allows you to negotiate price with the seller.  The first time you make a purchase, you will be asked for your credit card information (credit card is required, Paypal not accepted). If you have a balance on your account from sales you have made, Posh will use it to pay for the item before charging your credit card.

Buyers pay for shipping which is a flat rate of $4.99. Bundling items from one closet can save you on shipping by getting two or more items for one shipping fee.  If a seller discounts a item by 10% or more, Poshmark will often lower the shipping cost by a dollar or two (more expensive items often ship free 🙂

For the most part all sales are final on Poshmark unless the item is not as described in the listing.  You are not allowed to return an item because it doesn’t fit so keep that in mind and thoroughly read the description before touching the Buy Now button.


If you’d like to sell on Poshmark, you must download the mobile app to fill your closet.  This is a great place to sell the clothes/shoes/accessories that have been sitting in your closet collecting dust. Some may still have the tags on them!  Many Poshers, myself included, also take advantage of clearance sales at local stores or outlets to find discounted clothing to add to their closets. This is somewhat risky since it may not sell and it is harder to make a profit.

Poshmark has made listing your items simple and quick. Taking photos and filling in the description is intuitive and takes no more than a minute or two. Once you have followers (see how to get followers below), you have the ability to share your items with them. This is my favorite part of Poshmark. Unlike ebay, and other online selling apps, I have some power to influence how often my items are seen in the app.  The more I share, the more likely the right person will see what I am selling and press the Offer or Buy button.

What you can sell:

  • New or preowned, gently used items in good condition
  • Women’s clothing , shoes, and accessories

What you cannot sell

  • Replicas/fakes (do not use wording “inspired by” in your description)
  • Electronics
  • Books, dvds
  • Used makeup (eww)
  • Used underwear (super eww)
  • Health and wellness products
  • Men’s or children’s clothing

Posh will delete disallowed listings and may restrict your use of the app if you violate their policies.


Having followers is the key to success on Poshmark.  When I first joined, I almost gave up because it took me a few weeks to make my first sale (a pair of”like new” Coach slippers for $12).  I didn’t have many followers, so my few items were only seen when a member searched for them.  Sharing allows possibly tens of thousands of people to see what is in your closet – and although it may not be what they were looking for, it could become something they just have to have once they do see it 🙂

Tips for Gaining Followers and Getting Shares on Poshmark:

  • Follow others, they will often follow you back
  • Share items in other Poshers’ closets.  Proper Posh etiquette would require someone to share one of your items in return.  Some members have 100,000 or more followers, so when they share from your closet, you are getting great exposure 🙂
  • Play a “Follow Game” (this is when I really started collecting followers!) Type “follow game” in search bar and join one of the games.  These are listing where you follow everyone who has liked the listing in return for them following you.
  • Become a Suggested User.  This takes a while – once you have made several sales and have a good following, you can email Poshmark and ask to become a Suggested User (make sure you are following all Posh rules!)  I just recently became a Suggested User several weeks after I emailed them asking to be qualified.  A couple times a month, Posh will “suggest” members follow me and on those days, I can easily collect 100 or more followers.
  • Do share your own closet a few times a day.


The buyer is responsible for the shipping cost of items weighing under 5lbs. I personally, have never shipped anything over 5lbs. The most likely way for the package to weigh more than 5lb is if your buyer purchases a bundle from you with multiple items. The seller is responsible for the difference in shipping costs when this happens.

Poshmark will email you a USPS shipping label to download and print. You can pack your item in any box you have at home or pick up a free Priority Mail box or envelop at the post office (be sure it is not a flat rate or regional rate box) and affix the label on it. Drop this off at the Post Office or go to USPS.com and schedule a free pickup.

How Much Money Can You Make With Poshmark?

It depends…  Poshmark’s commission is a 20% cut, you keep 80%. There are no other fees. This may seem high, and I wish it were 10%, but it is still worth it to me. They cover fees generated by the transaction (credit card fees) and provide the prepaid shipping label (shipping is paid by buyer as long as package weighs 5lbs or less). As soon as your buyer receives and accepts their order, you earnings are available. You can use your earnings to purchase from other closets or have it deposited as cash into your checking account. IMG_5037

The more items you have in your closet and the more active you are on your site, the more sales you can make.  I was able to earn over $1100 in 7 months (May -Nov).  More recently, I have not be able to devote as much time to Poshmark (trying to start a new online business and it’s not easy) and my sales have decreased and my inventory is low.  I have still managed to sell a few item this month and I believe being a Suggester User has played a part in those sales.

Is Poshmark Safe? Am I Going To Be Scammed?

Nothing is 100%, but I do believe Poshmark has safeguards in place to protect both the buyer and seller.  As a buyer, you are guaranteed to be refunded if your item never ships or it arrives, but does not match the description in the listing.  After receiving the package, you have 3 days to report a issue with Poshmark. They will look into the dispute and if they agree with you, you will be reimbursed you. I have purchased only 10 items through Poshmark, but have been happy with all my “new” clothes and therefore have not had to test their fairness in this area.  As a seller, if your package is lost in the mail, Poshmark will cover it if you’ve used the mailing label provided by them.  You will receive your payment when the buyer accepts the order or 3 days after delivery if the buyer does not accept.  If the buyer opens a complaint, Poshmark will contact you to hear “your side of the story” before making a decision.

***I’ve sold over 100 items and only one buyer opened a claim. They were a pair of jeans – my guess is they did not fit her and she hoped to get her money back by claiming the were not as described in my listing.  Poshmark gave me an opportunity to “defend” myself.  In the end, they kept the both buyer and myself happy.  The buyer kept the jeans and was reimbursed, but I was allowed to keep the profit I made on the sale.****

Would I Recommend Poshmark?

Yes, I love Poshmark!  This is an easy to use app that allows you to make money by selling things from your closet that you are no longer in love with and then use your profit to purchase something you do love at a great discount.  If you are interested in the app and sign up with my code, BLIEX, you and I will both receive a $10 credit to use towards a purchase. You can find me @khesney on the site – come say hi!  I will be happy to share your closet (I currently have 20,000+ followers).

Are you a Posher?  I’d love to hear about your experience! Please feel free to leave a comment/question below.


Su 🙂

Why I started this website




14 thoughts on “Poshmark Website and App

    1. Hi Diana,
      Poshmark is a fun app – the “Poshers” are very helpful and friendly. If you sign up with my code BLIEX, we both get a $10 credit :).

  1. I love the information provided! I almost just stopped reading and went straight to downloading the app. If you have a link so that you can get credit I would love to help you out. Great images!

    1. HI Diana,

      Thanks for visiting my site! If you do decide to join Poshmark, my code is BLIEX. We will both get a $10 credit to use towards purchases with the code. You can find me @khensey when you join. Come say hi 🙂

  2. Hi Su,
    This website sounds awesome. I love that it is a virtual clothing store. I do think something like this is way safe for buyer and seller alike then putting an ad on Craigslist. You need to have that added security that comes from doing business with a company rather than on your own. I think their commission is fair considering they make the playfield safe.

    1. Hi Jessica,

      Yes, Poshmark is very safe. I have been involved in more than 100 transactions with no problems. Thanks for visiting my site 🙂

  3. Hi Su,

    This is a fantastic idea, My wife has a pretty big wardrobe and we are always looking for a way to add income. And it sounds pretty legit and easy to use.


    1. Hi Jon,
      Poshmark is perfect for your wife if she is willing to part with some items she no longer uses 🙂 I feel very comfortable recommending it. If your wife does decide to join, she should visit my closet (@khesney) and say hi. I’ll help her share her items!

  4. I’ve used Poshmark for a while! When I first signed up, I made about $100 in the first few weeks. After that I stopped using it so much.
    The other day out of nowhere I just sold something even though I haven’t been on in forever. I shipped it out right away of course. 🙂

    1. It is an app where you need to keep up with it, by sharing and constantly adding to your closet, in order to make the best of it. It must have been fun to get an unexpected sale, especially at this time of year. Congrats!

  5. I shared this post with my wife and she really liked it, and seemed very interested (since she loves fashion and has great style) but feels intimidated with diving into an unfamiliar app. Thankfully you provided an insane amount of info that we both found to be very helpful and descriptive! How long did it take you to become familiar with poshmark?

    Thanks again and good luck with your online business!


    1. Hi Brad,

      Thanks for visiting my page! Poshmark is very user friendly. I was comfortable with in within the first couple of days. The most difficult part was making that first sale. It requires patience since it really helps to have followers when selling. I made my first sale around week 3 and pretty consistently since then. If your wife decides to download the app and uses my invite code, BLIEX, we will both receive a $10 credit to use toward a purchase 🙂

  6. I have heard about Poshmark and was quite curious on the revenue model until I read your article. It does seem interesting, but I have a few questions to ask.

    1) My closet is not that big. I probably have about 10 items that are still in good condition and hope to convert them into cash. Is that too little to post on Poshmark?

    2) I heard that buyers are allowed to negotiate prices with you. Is that true and how do you handle those situations?


    1. Hi Cathy,

      First, thanks for reading my post! I don’t get a ton of visitors, so I am always thrilled when something I have written has helped someone 🙂

      1. Yes, 10 items is definitely more than enough items to list on Poshmark. I started with just a few items also. Poshmark has made some changes more recently where children’s and men’s clothing can now also be listed. This may help you fill your closet, but it is not necessary to get started.

      2. Buyers are allowed to make offers by using the offer button. You will then be able to decline, accept, or counter with another offer. At times, a buyer will try to negotiated through the comment section. I usually ask potential buyers to please use the offer button since comments are public and others will be able to see the negotiations and if you were willing to accept a lower price. If you are firm on your price it is helpful to say this in your listing. This doesn’t guarantee fellow Poshers won’t try to negotiate, but it helps. I list most of my items for about 10% above what I am willing to accept.

      3. If you do decide to join, it does take a little bit of patience and time to build a following and find buyers. The tips I have mentioned in the article will definitely help you succeed. I now have over 80,000 followers and I’d love to help you by sharing your closet. My Poshmark username is Khesney – look me up and I will be happy to help you sell 🙂

      Feel free to contact me with any additional questions (either here or on Poshmark). Thanks again and Happy Poshing!!

      Su 🙂

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