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Ibotta Reviews

Product: Ibotta Mobile App (register with my code – wxjqfhc – and recieve $10)

Cost: Free

Recommend: Yes, always fun to get money back

What is Ibotta?

While many savings apps (Shopkick for example) reward shoppers with points that accumulate to equate a specific cash value, Ibotta is an app that actually gives real cash for shopping.

Ibotta started in late 2012 and has garnered over 3 million users since its inception. It is a mobile app IMG_5060that serves as a shopping companion that helps consumers save money on many brands and items that are considered typical purchases. Ibotta assigns and gives cash rewards to specific items that are unlocked and bought at specific stores. It utilizes a very user-friendly mobile interface that makes it fun and easy to plan a shopping trip. Ibotta categorizes everything from the type of product consumers wish to look at to specific store names they want to shop at.

How to Use Ibotta: Typical Use

Ibotta is very simple to use. It takes but a few steps to get going towards saving money. The very first thing an interested customer should do is to download the mobile app. Next, you need to open up an Ibotta account. This lets Ibotta keep track of all your savings in one place and also allows you to access savings that are available in your specific area. Once you’ve opened an account and are ready to shop, you can begin to look at the categories Ibotta has already set up for you. If you want to do groceries or shop for clothing, simply click on it on your mobile app. You’ll then see what stores have savings available in your area. There are many different stores, big or small, that works with Ibotta.

Some of the more popular grocery stores include:

  • Walmart,
  • Target,
  • Whole Foods,
  • Costco
  • Many More

Retail stores that use Ibotta include

  • Best Buy, Clarks,
  • Express,
  • Kohl’s,
  • Macy’s, and
  • Countless Others

After you’ve clicked on a specific store, you can then begin to browse through items that offer a cash-back reward. Each item has to be unlocked in order to be added to your shopping list. Unlocking an item may involve watching a 15-second video, reading a quick fact about the item, or even answering a question about your shopping habits. Once an item has been unlocked, it is recorded under your shopping list for easy access once you’re at the store. While at the store, you can go ahead and shop as you would, while looking for the items you’ve unlocked at the same time. These items must be verified to make sure you’ve got the correct products. Once you’ve paid for your items and have the receipt, all that’s left to do is take a photo of your receipt to send to Ibotta. Their staff will then verify your purchases and credit your account accordingly in about 24 hours.

Additional Ways to Use Ibotta

  1. Submitting your receipt for validation of your physical shopping is the most popular way of making money on the app. However, there are other ways you can save. Ibotta partners with over 300 various retailers to work with their existing loyalty rewards program. These preferred partners are Ibotta-enabled and work directly with Ibotta’s rewards system, so you do not need to upload a receipt everytime you go shopping.
  1. Ibotta also works with many online retailers for those who prefer shopping online. Some retailers include,,, and many others. Online shopping again means that consumers won’t have to upload any receipts in order to get their rewards for shopping.IMG_5064
  1. By linking your Ibotta account to your social media account, you can get connected to other Ibotta users in your network. These users then become your Ibotta teammates, and as a group, you and your team can save money together. Each month, teams are given a total savings goal to achieve. Once this dollar value is crossed by the accumulation of each of your team member’s savings, then the whole group gets rewarded with extra cash. The larger your network is, the more opportunities you can get for larger savings.
  1. You can also win other bonuses on your own by doing tasks set forth by Ibotta. Some tasks may include verifying and redeeming specific types of rebates through the app or maybe buying a specific magazine brand by a certain date. Most of these tasks have a deadline, but their cash rewards are significantly higher compared to rebates.

What I like most about Ibotta?

  • Unlike coupons which are typically only give discounts on name brand products, Ibotta also offers rebates on items like milk, cheese, and eggs without having to be a specific brand.
  • Ibotta makes couponing even better since you can use the app to get more savings on items you have coupons for.
  • Although you must use the Ibotta app to submit your receipts for rebates, they do have a website where you can find the items you wish to unlock. I find it easier/quicker to complete the tasks on my laptop than on the phone.

A few Cons:

  • I have to be careful to not spend money on things I don’t need just to get a rebate.
  • Ibotta is able to keep track of your shopping habits.
  • I wish there were even more rebates for non brand specific items

Does Ibotta Work?

Ibotta works well for those who are willing to take the extra energy and time to planning and preparing for a shopping trip beforehand. This app is not making me rich but it is nice to save a little on each shopping trip. Since Ibotta does not use reward points, it’s easy to see how much money you’re really making while using the app. Although it might not bring your shopping balance to zero, the rebates you get here and there can add up quickly for a nice withdrawal amount. Money can be transferred to either PayPal or Venmo, or you can also opt to get a gift card from a specific retailer. This free app works and is truly worth a try.  If you decide to try this app and use my ibotta referral code (wxjqfhc) you will receive a $10 bonus with your first transaction and I will receive $5 🙂

Have you tried Ibotta? What do you think of this savings app? If you’d like to share your experience please leave a comment below.  I would love to hear from you!


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