ShopAtHome Review

Shop At Home Review

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Product Name: ShopAtHome

Cost: Free

Mobile App/Website:

Owners: Belcaro Group, Denver, CO

Rating: A

Recommend: Yes! Love it!

If you are like me and tried using the ShopAtHome cashback site in the past but changed your mind because it was too complicated/confusing, slowed down your computer, or bombarded your inbox with unwanted mail, I suggest you give it another chance. Things have changed – at least for me! I am not sure if it is because I have a new computer and more experience shopping online or if ShopAtHome has worked on improving its user experience. My guess is it is a little of both.

I rejoined ShopAtHome when shopping for Christmas 2015. I have been trying to find ways to earn/save extra money to help pay for the care of my mom (she requires fulltime caregivers). When I came across the chance to earn cashback on my holiday purchases, I decided to give it another try. Out of all the apps I have tried, this one was the easiest to use and earned me the most money back in a short amount of time. I saved money and received cash back and as a bonus did not have to leave my house.  I was able to shop at home for clothing, shop at home for toys, and I am even able to buy wine online at a discount and get cash back.  Currently ShopAtHome is offering 3% cash back on Walmart  purchases and 3% off Kohl’s purchases.

How does Shop At Home work?

  • Sign in to and find coupons/discounts for over 3000 retail stores
  • Go to online store through ShopAtHome site to take advantage of offered deals
  • Receive a cashback reward of up to 70% (I’ve never seen anything close to 70% – typical cashback rewards are between 3-8%)
  • ShopAtHome will send you a cashback check in the mail

Is ShopAtHome Safe?

This was my initial worry about trying this site. I was afraid it was going to cause my computer to slow down and possibly download a virus. I also worried about my information being sold. Thankfully, I did not have to be so concerned. I have not experienced any negative side effects while using ShopAtHome. Yes, ShopAtHome seems to be very safe.


  • Free
  • Sign up is simple – only need an email address, username, password
  • So so easy to use – just go to the site and click on the store where you’d like to make a purchase and continue as you normally would
  • Over 3000 stores to shop from (including Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and most retail clothing stores) 99% of the places I wanted to shop at were included
  • Easy access to available discounts for each online store
  • Also gives you access to many online grocery coupons
  • You get actual cash! (you do also earn ShopGold points for each purchase which you can use towards gift cards)
  • $5 bonus just for signing on
  • Checks are mailed out each month (although you may need to wait a couple months to receive your first check)


  • There are some tricky rules that you will want to be sure to read before using the app/website. Be sure to read!  For example, you must go back to ShopAtHome before each purchase and only use the coupons offered through the site in order to get the cash back.
  • You only have an hour after clicking onto the online store to make a purchase. If it takes you longer, you will need to go back to ShopAtHome and sign back in.
  • Can take up to 7 days for the cash back credit to show on your account
  • You must accrue at least $20 before they will send out the check

I earned over $85 dollars in about a month through ShopAtHome’s cash rebate program! On top of the $85, I also save money through the many coupons/deals offered through the site. It always helps to make money/save money while you spend money. And it was so simple compared to other savings apps like Shopkick and Ibotta.Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 12.25.11 AM

Have you tried ShopAtHome? I’d love to hear about your experience – good or bad in the comment sections below.


Su 🙂

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