Week 8 earned $20!

I have never been so excited to earn $20!  I haven’t had the opportunity to work on the website due to being busy with preparing for Christmas, so it is exciting that I still managed to draw a small amount of traffic (127 people have visited my site this month!) and even made a few dollars!  My review of the shopping app “Poshmark” seems to be getting the most traffic.

The longer I am on this journey, the more I realize how much work this may be without any guarantee of success.  I have been trying to look into how many members of Wealthy Affiliate are actually making a full-time income.  It is hard to tell because no one comes right out with the amount they are earning.  I believe it is probably between 5% and 8% of members that are seeing a substantial profit.  I don’t necessarily see this as a negative.  Although WA provides the tools and training necessary to create a website, it is up to the individual to come up with the “idea” or “niche” that is a money maker and then put forth the effort and time needed to make it happen.

I apologize for the short post, but I honestly have not worked much at all in the past couple weeks.  I hope to get back to working at this more after the new year.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and if you are considering joining WA, they still have a free starter membership where you can see what is offered and if it is for you!

As always, I loved to hear from you if you’d like to leave a comment below.  I promise to respond!

Happy Holidays!

Su 🙂

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